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Why? How? What?


We believe in a One-Wholesome-World. We believe in abundance of potential and creativity in every individual, team, organisation, society and civilization. We believe that it is our divine privilege to enable the blossoming of this unbounded creative potential to transform life as a whole.


Our work is based on integrating the powerfully effective Spiritual Wisdom and practices of the East with the systems oriented thinking (tools and techniques) of the West.


Welcome to Pragati Leadership – a trusted partner for clients to unleash the unrealized potential and creative intelligence locked within their individuals and organizations by enabling them to build skills and competencies for wholesome progress.

We’ve striven as an organizational transformation partner that worked closely with clients to understand their goals, plans and challenges and find insightful solutions that deliver results. Along the way we have pioneered new-age thinking and concepts like Wholesome Leadership, Energized Learning Organization, Bonding for Greatness etc that have changed the way businesses have functioned.

We have a wealth of practical experience in the field of leadership development, coaching, development of facilitators and developing customized learning solutions for organizations, unmatched in the industry. Our Board Members, Consultants, and Team Members have a collective experience of four hundred and seventy years of leadership positions in the Industry.

We’ve been pursuing this mission for the past 25 years, partnering with over 550 organisations across 15 sectors, touching the lives of more than 1,00,000 individuals in over 20 countries.

We’re Pragati Leadership.


One response to “Why? How? What?

  1. Anil says:

    Hey great to see the blog become active… great articles … 🙂

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